Architectural History & Archival Research




SPARC specializes in Phase I Architectural Investigations as part of the Section 106 process to identify and evaluate historic resources within the Areas of Potential Effect (APE) of a variety of Undertakings. Phase I surveys are undertaken in a manner consistent with the SOI’s “Standards and Guidelines for Archeology and Historic Preservation” (48 FR 44716-44740) or the SOI’s “Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties” (36 CFR 68) and the guidelines established by the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) in each state where work is performed.

SPARC’s Principal Investigator and Architectural Historian have conducted numerous Phase I architectural investigations throughout Louisiana and Mississippi for over 15 years.

SPARC’s architectural investigations commonly include:

Historic Structure Survey and Evaluation

An architectural investigation or standing structure survey includes examination, from the public right-of-way, of all standing structures within an Undertaking’s APEs.  Buildings, objects, and structures (e.g. bridges) that are of sufficient age (50-plus years) are photographed, recorded, documented, and evaluated in terms of NRHP criteria (36 CFR 60.4 [a-d]). This includes historical, archival, cartographical, and property records research and state site files reviews.

Historic Resource Inventory Documentation

All historic structure recordation follows established state and federal guidelines.  Each SHPO maintains forms outlining their standards.

Historic and Cultural Landscape Survey

Historic Landscapes provide communities with a sense of connection to past events, people, and architecture. Landscapes are evaluated on their significance at local, state, and national levels.  Historic and cultural landscapes include battlefields, gardens, parks, streetscapes, ethnographic landscapes, and planned settlements.

National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) Recommendations and Nominations

Historic properties including archaeological sites, standing structures, objects, and landscapes are afforded Federal consideration and/or protection if they are eligible for or listed on the NRHP.  SPARC staff have evaluated thousands of properties utilizing the NRHP criteria (36 CFR 60.4 [a-d]), made appropriate recommendations, and completed NRHP nomination forms when necessary.

Section 4f Compliance

For transportation projects, SPARC also facilitates Section 4f compliance for historic properties in conjunction with Section 106 NRHP evaluations.